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Rupee depreciating against US Dollar!

rupee vs doller

Gist of the Talk delivered by Shri Ratnakar Deole, Ex-Chief General Manager, Reserve Bank of India at the Meeting held on 4 September 2013                                       At the outset let me thank the organizers for inviting me this evening amongst you all to share my  thoughts on the current burning topic of  Rupee depreciating against US …

Dhari Devi’s Wrath: The Cause of Kedarnath Destruction?

Dhari Devis Wrath

Archival Photographs of Kedarnatha and Gangotri from 1882 The following collection of photographs were taken between 1882 and 1883 and are in the archives of the Geological Survey of India. They provide a view of the ancient Kedarnath temple before it became a tourist attraction, when it was a lone, remote temple, only visited by …

Kedarnath temple after the floods | North Indian Floods

Flood Affected Areas Uttarakhand

Was it accidental or divine act  or  robust engineering? May be the combination of all the three. The temple is closed for next two years. The unprecedented flood and rains have badly damaged the famous Kedarnath temple. Rescuers have now reached the temple. Here are the first pictures taken after the devastating flood. Other buildings …