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Happy Monday Quotes & Wishes to Share in Facebook

Gratitude is a blissful feeling of joy & delight that arises from the heart that make…. LIFE WORTH LIVING. May your Monday be FABULOUS. A True Friend.. Good friends care for each other.. Close friends understand each other.. BUT True friends stay forever beyond words, beyond distance, beyond time. it’s a blessing to have you

Happy Friday – Happy Weekend Quotes with Images

Happy Friday!… Good morning beautiful people, don’t be rude damn. Say it back! This is why people are not blessed, because we’re so rude to each other. Don’t forget to smile and live in the present; no matter where life takes you make every memory pleasant. Have a pleasant day ahead!! Every girls favorite book!!!

Morning Quotes – Everything that has a beginning has an end

Everything that has a beginning has an end; so forget the past, plan for the future and enjoy life while you’re living it. Remember, if you take everything personally, you will remain offended for the rest of your life. What other people do is because of them, not you. Never permit the behavior of other

Laziness may appear attractive, but hard work leads to happiness.

“Every human is an artist. The dream of your life is to make beautiful art.” NO more shortcuts, NO more quick fixes. NO blaming others. NO “I’ll do it tomorrows.” NO more excuses! Just get started. Quit talking and begin doing! Laziness may appear attractive, but hard work leads to happiness. Seriously I need this

Have a beautiful day quotes to share in Facebook

“My Personal Belief” Those who ever try to make others SMILE, God will never ever make them CRY..!! Sometimes we must Sacrifice Something, that is more Beautiful for our Eyes; for something that is more Beautiful for our Hearts.!! But life is too short to roll them this way! No but i got a heart

Awesome Good Morning Quotes to start your day with a Smile!

We are all created with Equal amounts of “Awesome” It’s up to You to decide, how much of it the World gets to See..!! “Be a Person” who would be Loving enough to Break Walls, and Kind enough to Build Bridges.!! This could be handy! You need to stop worrying! Everything will be fine!