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I Will Be No More – Love quotes by a Victim

Never underestimate The pain of someone whom u love so much, Because Everyone is struggling through it, It’s just some people hide it Better than others.. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ True love is when u try ur best to hide ur pain nd keep smiling.. Then also ur beloved understands everything by just looking at ur eyes, Just

Moments & Memories are the greatest gift in world.

Moments are the greatest gift in world…. Because you cant give same moments again to anyone…. But once you give it, That person cant forget you forever. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I’m not your heart but I miss you… I’m not your family but I care for you… I’m not your blood but I’m ready to share your

I am not Mad of You. I Just want you to Care

“The hardest thing to accept is loving someone and knowing they’ll never love you back.” ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Every time you hold me, I melt and you make me feel so safe when I’m with u, Every time I look into ur eyes, It makes me wanna kiss u, Every time I hold ur hand it makes

The Best Love Stories You Have Ever Read.

I love you, for all eternity beyond time distance and death. The Best friends Love Story: So here’s a little story about how I found the guy of my dreams. Neither of us remember the day that we met, but it didn’t take long til we were best friends. Everyday somebody would say “you two

The best memory you ever had is when you falling in love.

I love you with all of my heart,body,and complete me with you being with me,you make my life worth have known you,to be with you has been a beautiful dream,i can only hope and wish that i never wake up in this sweet dream…i love you When you go on facebook & see

Together Forever With Love.

So sad pic I pROmise, I’LL be tHere in gOoD times and bad times…. wHen we are haPpy and wHen we are sad…. I pROmise I’LL be tHere tO hOLd yOur hand,,, wHen sORrOws cOme and rROubLes Land…. haPpy pROmise day !!