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What is Love? | Sad Love Quotes | Broken Heart Messages

WHAT IS LOVE…?? . . Its in Those SPECIAL Moments we shared together… Those LAUGH we have together.. Those SECRETS we share.. Those PROMISES we made in heart.. Those DAYS u Wait to meet.. Those Million SORRY I say.. Those CALLS that seem like seconds & we never knew that hours have passed.. Those MESSAGES

What is HUG? Inspirational Love Quotes & Sayings

What is HUG? Its when u love the soul of sum one much & u can not describe your feeling by any communication & want 2 give a loving touch to one whom u LOVE ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Never loose a person by misunderstanding..! Never miss a person after understanding Love should be by heart.!! Not by

Love doesn’t mean to win someone!

Love doesn’t mean to win someone . . . . .: ) It means to lose your self for someone. . . . . But IT IS NOT DONE BY THE EXCELLENCE OF MIND . . .. But It is done by the purity of Heart! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Lost My Heart From The Day You Come